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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has undergone a lot of advancement in the last few years. And for good reason; CRM software has become an essential tool for any business operating nowadays. It provides businesses with a variety of tools that enable them to develop a better understanding of their customers and cater to their needs more effectively. There are a number of CRM platforms out there that you can get for your business. Odoo is one such CRM solution that has been gaining a lot of popularity, especially for meeting the needs of small business owners.

Software tools such as CRM are incredibly useful for small service businesses. They allow users to automate various essential, yet menial, aspects of business management. This enables small businesses to focus their limited resources on more important aspects of running their business.

Why Get Odoo for Your Small Business?

Having a CRM solution can help you streamline several aspects of interacting with your customers. This is why CRM is especially useful for service businesses, it gives them the ability to understand their customers better and cater to them more effectively. What this means is that businesses have an easier time pursuing leads and turning them into lasting customers.

Odoo has a nicely fleshed out CRM module that is ideal for small and medium sized businesses. It’s a simple to use platform that gives you plenty of usability. Here’s an overview of what features you can get from Odoo’s CRM platform:

  • A fleshed-out dashboard with an easy-to-use user interface. You can gain insights on useful data related to your customers whenever you need it.
  • It automates many aspects of getting in touch with your customers, interacting with them, and following up with them. You can foster and enhance customer relations without having to tie up extra resources.
  • Odoo offers a host of tools in its CRM platform that allows service businesses to proactively interact with customers.
  • A great thing about Odoo CRM is that it features cloud functionality. Cloud CRM has been gaining popularity for small business enterprises because it offers a lot of conveniences.

What to Expect from Odoo’s CRM Platform?

CRM platforms bundle a number of different tools and give them to you in one package. Odoo’s CRM package keeps things clean by giving you all the essential tools you need to enhance your ability to connect with your customers. Odoo CRM features allow you to streamline your ability to interact with your customers.

Odoo CRM Features

Like we mentioned before, Odoo brings a number of tools to the table. All of the features that come with Odoo CRM focus on helping you collect, process, and understand useful data about your customers. Also, these features focus on equipping you with what you need to improve your customer’s experience with you.

One of the best features that Odoo CRM offers is its ability to present useful data in an accurate and simple manner. You can design your own dashboards in order to get insight into data that’s useful for you. You can also consider having Odoo CRM customized in order to get features that suit your business.

What’s more, Odoo CRM also lets you schedule your sales activities. This helps streamline your entire sales process; from getting leads, following them to maturity, and then converting them to clients. As someone who’s running a small business, Odoo CRM really helps in making your business process streamlined.

If you’re looking for a cloud CRM for your small business, Odoo is a great option. Odoo CRM offers great cloud functionality. Cloud CRM is incredibly useful for a small business as it makes things such as data storage and access to hardware very simple. You can save all your data on the cloud, saving up space in your office. Also, cloud CRM lets you access information about your small business from anywhere in the world. All you need is internet access.

Odoo CRM Pricing

If you’re wondering that how much does Odoo CRM cost, you’ll be surprised to know that it’s incredibly affordable. The reason why Odoo is the top CRM for small business enterprises is its affordability. Odoo’s high customizability means that you only have to pay for the features that you want. Odoo CRM is designed to integrate with other apps seamlessly.

If you’re looking for a personalized solution for your business, Odoo can give you that as well. You can always get in touch with certified Odoo partners, such as ourselves, and begin working on a customized version of Odoo’s CRM for your business.

It goes without saying that a personalized version of Odoo CRM will have different pricing. However, it can prove to be an incredibly fruitful investment. A customized CRM platform will integrate with the rest of your business seamlessly.

How to get started with Odoo for Your Small Business?

Overall, Odoo offers a solid CRM solution that is great for small and medium-sized businesses. Not only is its pricing great, but Odoo CRM also has a ton of great tools and features that you can explore. It integrates easily with other apps and can help you gain useful insights into your customer base. Right now, Odoo is one of the best CRM solutions for service businesses because of its features and functionality.

If you’re interested in getting Odoo for your small business, you can get in touch with Odoo’s certified partners. We at Rolustech are quite experienced at helping large and small businesses migrate to Odoo CRM. You can get in touch with our team to learn more about Odoo’s CRM and how can you make it a part of your business.

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