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4 min readFeb 19, 2021

Magento Open Source is a wonderful eCommerce platform to start building an online store. You get a whole list of features that make for a proper, fully-fledged store with all the necessary functions needed. Once set up, you can go about selling products and services without encountering severe bottlenecks to your store. However, there are still some features that can only be accessed when you upgrade to Magento Enterprise.

Magento Enterprise is a much more enhanced version of Magento Open Source and adds a lot of much-needed features. These features are what will give your business a competitive edge over others and an opportunity to grow much quicker. Below, we will go over how Magento Enterprise can take your business to the next level.

Customer Segmentation and Personalization

With the Enterprise Edition, you can further personalize the shopping experience to greatly increase customer conversion. This is done with improvements to how content is displayed, promotions, and pricing to customers based on demographics and psychographics. Magento Enterprise can utilize many of these characteristics like gender, location lifetime purchase value, and wish list products. Unknown visitors to your site can also be targeted and segmented appropriately based on their site behavior. You can target them based on the product pages they access and the products they add to their cart.

Automated Product Rules

Magento Enterprise can set rules automatically for products to set them as upsells, cross-sells, or simply related products. These are also specified for which customer segment and are automatically set accordingly. Their creation and editing are administered through a condition-based tool that you can also use. It allows you to easily target product suggestions to bring up sales and average order values.

Staging Content

You can do a lot of content optimization without needing to go into the code for each element. Create, preview, and schedule all of your content updates without the need to involve technical teams in development. This can increase sales and the overall productivity of your teams as content staging becomes an accessible process. You can preview changes via store view or date to ensure a risk-free shopping experience for customers.

You can optimize the timing and impact of site updates by managing every change through a dashboard with a complete timeline. Use this dashboard to schedule and deploy updates for more effectiveness.

With the right Magento Integrations and Extensions, you can add even more functionality into your online store to complement Magento Enterprise

Optimized Product Categories

You can tweak product categories to your liking via the easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. Optimizing those pages by color, top seller, and newest product, and highest margin can lead to an increase in sales. Depending on the characteristics of your product, you can define them into specific categories based on brand, price, and date. These automated optimizations will easily allow you to save time and pursue other important tasks in your Magento store.


As your inventory grows, so does your ability to search on the entire platform with the in-built Elasticsearch technology. Scale your search capacity as queries start growing to handle the larger catalogs you will have available. Setting this up is a quick process, it also has support for over 33 languages immediately. Elasticsearch will help account for spelling mistakes by customers, as well as managing product synonyms. You can further fine-tune this in the Magento Admin to manually improve it and make it more relevant.

Responsive Themes

Themes in Magento Enterprise follow a responsive design, which means that they function on any screen aspect ratio and device. This is especially important in adjusting important elements like images, the checkout icon, and other various menus for all screens. The interface of your website will become more touch-friendly, easily customizable, and offer all of Magento’s SEO features for search.

Magento Deployment

Magento can be deployed in whatever fashion is most suitable for your business goals. These include the cloud, on-premises, and even third-party hosting. The Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition ensures rapid delivery of scalable online storefronts using Amazon Web Services. This ensures optimized performance and longevity of the platform.

Key Takeaway

Magento Open Source is a wonderful platform to have an online store on, don’t get us wrong. However, Magento Enterprise proves that sometimes a premium solution is one that can make more of an impact on customers. Doing everything the base version can, but with quality of life changes improvements that streamline the whole experience. That isn’t even mentioning all of the extra bells and whistles that make for heightened customer retention and conversions. Good Magento Customization will let you take advantage of every single added feature.

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