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5 min readApr 7, 2021

As we all know Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms present as of right now in the industry. They made many enterprise features available with the service, making it flexible and suitable for most firms. This is made even better with the advent of Magento 2, which revamps it to go even a step further. It has superior extensions, integrations, customizations, and web development.
Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is all it takes to reap the benefits of the latest platform. Adobe built the platform again from the ground up and reborn to offer a more stable and safe experience. What’s more, now there are even newer features that you can get your hands on. Make the experience of creating and maintaining a Magento eCommerce platform much smoother with Magento 2.

New Magento 2 eCommerce Features

Magento already had many features incorporated into it. It was already ripe for customization and further web development. Magento 2 now offers much more into the mix, like its own extensions which offer more functions. A more user-friendly interface also elevates itself over Magento 1, as well as the competition. Exclusive features on the Magento 2 platform allow you to do much more than before in less time. The more open architecture allows for easy Magento web development. Hence you can fiddle with it for further customization. Magento’s scalability has also been improved and enables enterprise-level eCommerce in a way that you have never seen before.
There are many of these smaller changes across the board that make Magento 2 a superior platform. Let’s go into some of the larger ones that make yours as well as the customers’ experience much better.

Magento 2 New File Structure

Magento 2 revamps the way it does eCommerce with the updates it has made to its file structure. Everything is now placed underneath the app structure. Modules now have their own directories from where you can access things like templates and layouts. This makes Magento web development and the creation of extensions much easier. You have 4 new types of directories that you can use in Magento 2:


These are the directories that are unchangeable and cannot be tampered with. They are the base directory, code directory, and lib directory.


This directory includes the app directory, temporary directory, cache directory, design directory, log directory, and session directory.


This directory includes the pub directory, upload directory, static directory, pub view directory, and the media directory.


This directory includes man including the DI directory and the generation directory. You can freely change the location by running EntryPoint Class.

New Magento 2 Layout

Without getting too technical with change done to containers. Magento 2 lets you organize blocks much more intuitively. You can hence easily define sections with the organization that is now achievable. What that means is you can achieve much more with it in terms of extensions, integrations, and especially customization.

Better Content Staging

The store admin makes it much easier to play around with content management, there are many smoother options now available. Magento 1 had a few issues with the staging mechanism that have all been resolved with Magento 2. Manage many content streams and enable the creation, change implementation. You can also preview everything in your Magento eCommerce from here.

Magento 2 Extension Installation

Installing extensions onto Magento 1 was always a cumbersome process. It was also almost impossible without Magento web development teams on board. Magento 2 instead gets rid of this bottleneck by including code overlaps. What that means is the code for the Magento extension will not affect or change the already present code. Magento 2 has made the extension installation much easier this way as there is less dabbling in code.

Overall Smoother Interface

A website has to have speed and responsiveness in mind when it is displayed in front of many customers. This is key to getting more traffic on your site in the future, hence it helps increasing conversion rates. Magento 2 for eCommerce really makes a difference, as loading times greatly affect whether a customer will stay to shop. Loading speeds on it are estimated to be around 1.5 seconds which is exceptionally fast according to Google. Anything more than 4 seconds is considered subpar and not worth the consumer’s time.

Superior Checkout Pages

Checkout pages in Magento 2 now have more customization options as well as compatible extensions like one-step checkout. ECommerce with Magento 2 gives you access to a checkout system that is swifter and user-friendly. Following through with a transaction is the main goal of every business, a checkout page facilitates this and should be as perfect as it can be.

Data Grid Customization

Magento 1 did not even have a data grid to begin with. With Magento 2 you can not only create a data grid but also customize it to your every need. Fine-tune it to respond well to your business and to your customers. This will drive your conversion rate higher than before and help you develop even better product promotion strategies.
The effect reaches much farther than you would expect. The admin portal gives you much more control and hence lets you achieve much more from there. There is now much more capacity through that portal to control the video that is present on your website.

Magento 2: True ECommerce

So there you have it. Implementing Magento 2 will enable your business to excel in the eCommerce space. Magento has been in the industry for a long time now, so it understands and caters to eCommerce needs well. This industry also evolves at an unprecedented rate, lucky for you so does Magento with their newest platform. Leverage the opportunity to work with industry leaders and make sure you are ahead of the competition. Integration with a CRM is also easier with Magento 2 due to better APIs being present now.
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