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4 min readApr 6, 2021


Business growth requires effort on the marketing and communication side of things. One of the most important channels when it comes to marketing just happens to be email marketing. Having a platform that caters to this fully will enable you to get more conversions while being personalized. Odoo CRM provides users a platform to effectively manage all their communications.

Odoo gives users a central platform that channels emails to and from the mailbox, basically providing a platform to manage all your emails. This greatly reduces the dependency on individual mailboxes. This ability to channel all kinds of emails greatly reduces the usage of email platforms like Outlook and Gmail.

Let’s dive in deeper and look at the key benefits of integrating Odoo with email.

Integrations with Email Platforms like Gmail & Outlook

Email Platform integration is one of the easiest ways to manage your emails from within your OdooCRM. The two integrations we will discuss today are Gmail and Outlook. Both are widely used platforms. Odoo integrations can be performed depending on what you want. Let’s look at what you will gain from these two integrations:

You can view and see your emails within your Odoo and vice versa. For example, you pull out important information from your Odoo through your email.

It is easy to create new Odoo records, contacts, and lists from within your emailing platform.

You can forward email messages as well as the schedule of your non-recurring meetings in your email with your contacts in Odoo.

You can search for an Odoo record from within your emailing platforms like Gmail and Outlook. Records can also be searched using custom objects.

Together these features will greatly facilitate your team especially your sales reps.

This ultimately optimizes all your communication processes and helps with maintaining better customer relationships.

Lead Generation and Management

The very first step of lead nurturing is finding out the email address of the potential customer. With various features in Odoo such as landing pages and drag and drop forms, along with analytics on acquisition like organic / paid searches and social media posting, Pardot provides a marketing or development team with all the necessary tools and resources to gather email addresses.

Build and Launch Successful Marketing Campaigns

Odoo offers various options for email marketing. Users can design new campaigns from scratch and choose from a variety of pre-existing Odoo templates. Furthermore, they can apply their desired changes to these templates, such as adjusting the layout, adding custom messages or images, and even changing the entire themes of the templates. In addition to this, users can also further enhance the content of the email campaigns by adding custom titles, footers, social media buttons, and calls to action. All of this enables users to design their own email campaigns according to their requirements without the need of having expertise in coding.

Data Segmentation

Data segmentation in terms of email marketing is defined as dividing the audience into groups. This segmentation can with respect to demographics and psychographics of the users. This helps to launch accurate email campaigns that focus on specific interests and other aspects of the audience, ultimately leading to a significantly higher conversion rate in terms of open and click rate. This results in better lead generation as it increases the interaction with the audience.

A/B Testing

Let’s say that you have two similar email templates but are not sure which one of the two would be the better choice in a specific feature. The A/B testing feature in Odoo lets you gauge the performance of each of the templates by sending different types of emails to groups selected by you so that you can decide which template will work best in what kind of scenario.

Advanced Analytics

OdooCRM integration with email platforms also provides you with advanced analytical features that help track your emails’ performance. You can track different aspects of your emails such as opens, clicks, and unsubscribes. This helps to better analyze your emails and provides you with the data you need to design high-performance email campaigns.

In addition to this, you can also increase your delivery rate. All the emails you design are fully responsive and can be tested on the devices of your choice like laptops, mobile phones, or tablets. Moreover, you can also set up various email servers with their own specific IP/domain to further optimize the open rate of your emails. Furthermore, you can also track all your undelivered emails in the last 24 hours and you get notifications highlighting the reasons why the emails have failed to deliver.

Odoo also provides users deep insight into every aspect of their email campaigns. You can store all your email campaigns in Odoo’s database and keep track of them. You also get real-time statistics on the performance of the campaigns. This includes different aspects such as the number of leads and orders created, revenue generated, bounce rates, and more.

Summing Up!

One of the best Odoo Integrations out there is Odoo integration with email, as it offers a variety of features and greatly enhances your communications. From designing campaigns to managing contacts. The possibilities are endless. So get in touch with us now and integrate your Odoo with your email platform to bring the most out of your mailing platform.

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