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4 min readFeb 4, 2021

Customer service is an often overlooked aspect of the process of growing your business. Once you have done the marketing, then sold the product or service, it’s important to keep the customer happy afterward. It is cheaper to retain a customer than it is to get a new one altogether. Efforts have to be made in this space as well so that relationships with customers can be continued indefinitely. Odoo Helpdesk is the perfect component of Odoo CRM to address this issue and to build stronger relationships.

With Helpdesk, you can organize your customers alongside their issues, and have only the right teams tackle their problems. Set these problems in the form of tickets and timely check their progress to make sure they are quickly resolved. Multichannel support will allow you to approach the situation according to the comfort and convenience of the customer. Integrating Odoo CRM with different telephony apps allows you to add channels of your choice into the mix.

Odoo Helpdesk comes with many features out of the box, we will go through them below.

Productivity Features


Ticket creation is what makes Odoo Helpdesk function the way it can. After creation, you can have them assigned automatically or you can have them manually set to specific team members.

Custom Teams

On the Odoo Helpdesk interface, you can create any number of teams for the purpose of assigning tickets. You also have the option to assign them another email address for Helpdesk use, where customers can contact them directly.

Priority Settings

Tickets created have priority settings built-in to them. You can set priority on two parameters, how important they are and how urgent they are. This method proves to be useful as high priority tasks tend to be finished first.

Odoo Timesheet

With timesheets, you have a more detailed view of the tickets with timers started when work starts. You can view timers on a singular dashboard to give insights into how long it takes teams to resolve issues.

Multichannel Functionality


Customers can create tickets using email. Any incoming emails will generate a ticket based on the email address the team is using with automatic assigning. The teams assigned the tickets will be the most relevant ones as they were in the email correspondence.

Website Form

You can generate tickets using online forms that customers can fill on your website. The form is fully customizable through which ticket information is also updated to match accordingly.


Leads can easily be converted into tickets by clicking on them and selecting the appropriate option.

Live Chat

Instant communication is also possible inside Odoo Helpdesk, the live chat is present in the same interface. There you can tag other team members to delegate tasks, and you can also generate tickets from the chat window.

External Sources

Sometimes you will notice that customers are expressing relevant issues on different forums or platforms. For these issues, you can manually create tickets yourself and get started on the matter as soon as you want. To avoid some of these you can customize Odoo CRM to have a module that incorporates some of these platforms.


Custom Service Level Agreements

Create your own SLA policies from within Odoo Helpdesk to set a standard that they should be following. You can also create them based on the ticket types including their tags and priorities. Choose from whether having them always applied at a specific stage, or at a stage to be reached.

Odoo Helpdesk Dashboard

The dashboard is available for an overview of how the process is going to check performances and success rates. All the appropriate data is available at a glance for executive use.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are given the ability to rate their experience with the customer support agent assigned to the task. You can then easily track satisfaction as well as the performance of teams or team members at the same time.

Customer Self Service

Ticket Closing

You don’t have to close every ticket, your customers are also able to do so when you have solved their problem. This saves time for teams who may or may not have more pressing issues to attend to.

Help Center

Some questions may come in a lot more often than others. You can post such questions in the Help Center Forum for customers to view in the form of an FAQ. Meaning you can mitigate interaction when it is not even needed.

Key Takeaway

Odoo Helpdesk is a must-have for customer support needs. Customer retention is an important factor in running a business. With Helpdesk and its ticketing system, you can prioritize tasks so that they are immediately dealt with. The uniform Odoo CRM interface makes everything easy to understand and get used to for the best experience.

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