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4 min readApr 16, 2021

Marketing is an extremely important facet of every business. What is the point of all the work you put in if no one can recognize it? It is also a meticulous process, going over many different channels and mediums to reach out to potential customers. Some of it can be very time-intensive, especially when the tasks get extremely repetitive after a while. Odoo is a platform that can be catered to your exact needs, and that includes marketing automation. Marketing automation is a must for any business if they are looking to attract customers. Odoo as a CRM offers most of these features built into it out of the box. You can tweak them in a way to suit how your business operates and can keep up with any frequency.

Email Marketing in Odoo

Odoo lets you create email marketing campaigns from within the Odoo interface with many tools available for ease of use. Email campaigns in Odoo are absolutely necessary when spreading the word to customers as well as other potential business partners.

Campaign Management

Build email marketing campaigns from scratch in Odoo and then edit them to your heart’s content. Segment your audience with a widget that tracks aspects like behavior and other demographics, enroll them in campaigns this way. Check how your campaigns are doing afterward with important metrics such as total delivers, clicks, bounces, and opens. Everything from email testing, to making sure they have the proper tracking code can be freely customized inside Odoo.

Email Marketing Automation in Odoo

You can start automating email campaigns in Odoo quite easily with specific times and emails that can be set. Even automated actions can take place based on the emails sent, such as updating records.
Odoo can even make things more personal and allow SMS alongside more personal email campaigns. Even the server actions can be edited with Python, allowing for more options when it comes to custom automation.

Generate Leads

This is usually a function of CRM software, but you can use marketing automation in Odoo to do the same. The way it manages leads is through identifying visitors on social media and owned websites, and analyzing their behavior. By prioritizing these behaviors it can then start organizing them into viable leads that you can then pursue.
You can even integrate with other marketing tools to access more of the pipeline and gain even more leads. By using Odoo alongside your other platforms, you can create the perfect marketing automation machine for your business.

Marketing Campaigns in Odoo

Every aspect of your marketing campaign can be edited and launched from Odoo CRM with the features made available. Access all activities from within the interface, which includes email marketing, SMS, and much more to reel customers in. Use these to get valuable data from your customers as well as keep their attention. Offers, follow-ups, and surveys are all activities you can use to retain loyalty or turn leads into customers.
Besides these direct channels, you can also use Odoo Social Marketing to control all of your social media. With social media added on top of what was previously available, you can easily cover all of your bases.

Odoo Social Marketing

Odoo Social Marketing is a spot where you can handle the entirety of your business’s social media presence. Social media marketing is now at the forefront, the place where your potential customers will find out about you first. Engaging them here will bring forward newer opportunities and customers. It also becomes the perfect platform to broadcast new offerings as well as news that may affect leads.
Start organizing all of your posts for scheduling on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Odoo social marketing makes it so that you can track which posts generated which and how many leads. Based on that the post’s revenue is also calculated which can be used to set benchmarks for high earning posts.
You can use the live chat feature to interact with people visiting your website too. They will receive your message on their next action on a tracked page.

Odoo SMS Marketing

Odoo can handle SMS marketing separately as its own medium instead of being a simple addon. You can create and customize campaigns for this purpose, import contacts from your documents to use their contact details. You can create lists based on those details, based on segmentations, and other tags for internal use. The option to opt-out of such campaigns is always given to customers and will be updated in Odoo accordingly.
In the initial stages of the marketing campaign, you can send a test SMS to yourself to see the appearance. To assist you in these tests, you can conduct A/B testing and send different versions of the same message. This is to find the perfect spot you would lie in based on your current marketing campaign. Check the results yourself later to see the changes in conversion rates you start achieving and improve future campaigns.

In Summary

Odoo CRM offers a large set of features that make it possible to align all marketing activities with a high degree of autonomy present. The pure amount of features in Odoo CRM dedicated to marketing automation makes the platform very valuable for the task.
Engaging customers whether it is on social media or on email, Odoo CRM has features that abide by your workflow. You can schedule all of your posts, no matter the channel. Scheduling all at once can give you time for other pressing tasks that need to be attended to.
So get started with Odoo CRM now and make creating and managing marketing campaigns easier!

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