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3 min readFeb 12, 2021

Creating web forms is essential to collecting data from valuable leads as they come. Not collecting their data is a wasted opportunity, as creating forms is inexpensive and easy to implement. Collecting forms is also important for the collection of valuable insights, in the form of surveys or questionnaires.

A great place to start your form creation journey is through SuiteCRM, which offers a set of useful tools to get started with the process. This solution is built into SuiteCRM so for this function you will not be making any further purchases. The form builder is intuitive and simple to use, not requiring any technical knowledge or skills to create forms. They can be embedded directly into your website, or be separate entities from your existing web pages. In the form of separate form pages, you can design a form elaborately so they don’t disrupt your website design. The point is, forms with SuiteCRM customization can help your business go a long way.

Let’s go through what SuiteCRM for form building implies for your business.

Connect Forms to Your Database

The moment someone fills out one of your forms, it is added to your growing SuiteCRM database. Having them in your CRM immediately gives you an advantage because you can use them to start automating engagement. From this point, there are many actions that you can take once you have their entry. You can send them personalized emails, call them, and even set reminders on how to engage specific entries. This is especially important as web forms tend to be the first point of contact with your business for customers. A well-structured form may be the extra push they need to actually start filling it.

These are all good ideas when you want every relationship you build to have an extra degree of personalization. With form data collection, it may become the start of a long and prosperous relationship with your new leads.

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Multiple Field Types

You can use a variety of different field types according to what you think your form needs. These include all sorts, like different text fields, drop-down menus, checkboxes, and radio select buttons, so time to get creative.

Once you have your loadout, it’s time for the actual questions you will be asking people in your forms. After typing out your questions, you have to drag and drop them into the appropriate spots according to your structure. That means you don’t have to be a developer to build these forms, any vision you have for a form you can easily achieve with a little tweaking.

Not everything you make has to be a custom job, you can choose from many templates to instantly deploy forms. They contain the types of questions that are most frequently asked, leaving you to make slight changes if needed.

Check Form Performance

Form performance is important to measure how they are performing, and if the content needs fine-tuning or not. Tracking data also comes into play here, people from certain areas may not be filling them at the same rate.

SuiteCRM gives you a breakdown of the overall performance of each form along with their conversion rates. You can gain valuable insights such as friction areas in your form where the user decides to abandon it. Find and pinpoint zones of improvement this way to eventually bring out the most optimized version of your forms.

You can also conduct A/B testing of your forms akin to how you would do it on your emails. Test out different fields and CTAs, the form that performs better can then be deployed on your website.

Over to You

So there you have it. Building forms with SuiteCRM not only provides you with a robust creation tool but also gives you the ability to measure it. You can also integrate SuiteCRM with other analytics tools for more robust reporting on your forms.

Get started with SuiteCRM for form creation and see a change in conversions and responses!

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