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3 min readFeb 4, 2021

Telephony is in high demand when it comes to marketing, sales, and customer service. It achieves a level of human interaction that other mediums can’t quite come close to just yet. All interactions can be personalized with ease everything is in direct control of the agent on a call with the customer.

Integrating your telephony system with SuiteCRM takes this a step further. You can easily initiate the call from the contact registry in the system. This is made possible with SuiteCRM integration, and the perfect telephony system to match its capabilities is Twilio.

About Twilio

Twilio not only just deals in simple phone calls, it is a fully-fledged customer engagement platform. That means it also features SMS, video calls, email, WhatsApp, and even IoT. Using these different technologies Twilio provides communications for over 190,000 businesses worldwide and an estimated 932 billion human interactions every year.

Twilio uses something they like to call the Super Network. This is a management of the connections over the internet with ones over the global telecommunications network. This is also why Twilio guarantees connections with anyone, anytime, and anywhere in the world.

Benefits of SuiteCRM Integration

Twilio APIs are robust and include all their features like building blocks, combining them with CRM will utilize them further. By having Twilio integrated with SuiteCRM, you can build a world-class contact center inside of CRM.

Access Seamless VoIP

Now, you will not be needing physical telephone hardware. Twilio will run inside the SuiteCRM interface from where you can directly connect to contacts and hence save time. This also helps you cut on costs by acquiring separate telephones for each member of sales, marketing, and customer service.

You won’t be switching back and forth between Twilio and SuiteCRM as they will behave like one and the same. Make and receive calls with just a single click to get the most out of your integration.

Make Call Campaigns

All of your Twilio contacts and SuiteCRM contacts can be merged together to form one large database. Make use of this by using the bulk dialing feature, select relevant contacts and place a call to them.

You are not on call with all of them at once of course! You can schedule the ones you select and place a call according to the time you need. SuiteCRM gives you more options on how you wish to tackle your leads and clients in a timely manner.

You can also initiate automated dial-backs for new leads when you are not available. Save them as opportunities for later engagement in SuiteCRM and get back to them.

Start receiving customized reports on every call you make and receive, the data will prove to be very insightful. This can also be merged with to include any calls that you may have missed to show opportunities.

With slight SuiteCRM customization, you can also include this Twilio data to show up in the main SuiteCRM dashboards. By doing so you can achieve this reporting alongside your other relevant data to make more informed decisions.

Call Recording

SuiteCRM lets you save recordings of each call for access later. They are saved alongside that same contact for easy viewing purposes inside your CRM. Saving recordings is useful when you need proofs of conversation, and sometimes for legal reasons as well.

Voice Mails

You can save a prerecorded voice mail to send to customers once they connect. You only need to make a recording beforehand and save it to the SuiteCRM system. After configuring the voice mail it will be sent to them every time without fail

Key Takeaway

Integration of Twilio with SuiteCRM will give you an accessible Customer Engagement Platform from inside your CRM. Calling and messaging will completely change for you as you will still be safe on your familiar CRM platform. Adding to these a suite of other features such as WhatsApp and IoT devices, you will have a robust system. RT Dynamic has also developed a plugin that allows for all types of telephony integrations known as RT Telephony.

Integrate your Twilio with SuiteCRM now and engage your customers!

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