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3 min readFeb 12, 2021


SuiteCRM is one of the most malleable platforms on the market right now. You can get it customized to suit your business processes exactly to the finest detail if you need it. As such, you can customize SuiteCRM so that it can become the perfect inventory management platform.

Inventory management is one of the most strenuous parts of running a business and must be simplified. Keeping track of every product proves to be hectic and full of great amounts of tedium for everyone.

What SuiteCRM does for you is streamline processes that would generally take up large chunks of precious time. Combine these with the relevant automations, and you can get better results from the same business process. Get better results with a more modern inventory management system designed to track everything in an efficient manner.

Already have an inventory management system? Go with a SuiteCRM migration to transfer all your data with integrity and continue the process on SuiteCRM. Good inventory management is what matters for good conversion rates and customer service, and SuiteCRM knows this.

Below is why SuiteCRM is so effective at managing inventories for businesses of all sizes.

SuiteCRM Inventory Management

Efficient Processing Time

Inventory management is an easy process when you start using SuiteCRM to handle it. SuiteCRM gives you the ability to decrease your overall processing time by a significant amount. This is due to efficient functions for both stocking and internal operations, data will not have to be added repeatedly. SuiteCRM is automated to check progress on where stocks travel and update them on its own.

Automated Replenishment

You can automate replenishment by customizing SuiteCRM’s inventory application. Your inventory management will be at its most optimized when you utilize order points and automated RFQs. Doing so will greatly reduce how susceptible you are to errors and delays. Automating replenishment you will not have to manually restock items into the system every time there is a slight change.

Route Management

Depending on the size of your business, you might have developed complicated inventory routes that are a pain to manage. SuiteCRM is capable of managing such routes with ease, from multiple locations like warehouses to dock shipping and cross-docking.

Even if you scale up, just make the appropriate changes in SuiteCRM and the overall setup will be accurate.

Traceable Stocks

SuiteCRM maintains a detailed record of your inventory. As soon as purchases are made, stocks are moved to storage, or when products are sold, SuiteCRM will keep tabs on which stock and exactly where it currently is in the process. These details can be accessed in your SuiteCRM at any time to check the current status of your inventory.

Detailed Reports

You can generate reports covering the entire process from inside SuiteCRM with the data it contains pertaining to your inventory. The reports are generated automatically for you and you can then promptly begin analysis.

SuiteCRM Integrations

SuiteCRM integration with a large number of third-party applications can complement the inventory management process. You can integrate with accounting applications like Quickbooks, and with systems dedicated to inventory management to transfer data.

The result is further automation of many processes such as RFQ generation, stock replenishment, and much more. The aforementioned Quickbooks integration is especially useful for tallying accounting details with the physical inventory for accurate double-checking.

This all makes the process much more streamlined so you will not have to worry about so many small details.

Summing Up

SuiteCRM offers great functionality for companies looking to perfect their inventory management process as well as scaling their business. Effective inventory handling has been known to drive up profitability and reduce unnecessary bottlenecks for firms. With SuiteCRM you can track changes taking place in real-time and as such respond to them much sooner than before.

So upgrade to SuiteCRM now and take advantage of these features!

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